YouTube Red has got his own show

When Google launched YouTube subscription plan of Red, in addition to advertising and disable offline mode, they promised to provide exclusive content. But until then, subscribers pay $ 9.99 per month only off advertising and the ability to view videos offline. It looks like this may change soon.

YouTube Red has got his own show

YouTube Red will make their first steps in the market of original programming a week. Today it was announced that the first four show – comedy-thriller “Scare PyuDiPay», documentary “Journey to the Island of the Unicorn», Teenage musical “Dance Camp“And comedy “Team Leiser“ – Will be on sale February 10.

Users of the service in the US (the only country where it is available) will be able to get instant access to the program, while others will be able to buy the show via YouTube or Google Play. This opportunity will be provided with small delays.

Some of the YouTube Red show are not exclusive: “Tim Leiser” It earned more than $ 1 million for kraudfandingovoy Indiegogo platform, and has been featured several times, including last week.
However, YouTube Red Originals is an important first step for the nascent YouTube subscription service.

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