YouTube updated to v11

New Year, apparently, means that YouTube for Android is to get the new version. Exactly one year ago, the app has been updated to v6 to v10, and now YouTube has updated to v11.

YouTube updated to v11

Of course, in the annex are not many significant innovations, but the list of changes is not completely empty. Subscriptions Tab, finally, shows the markers for the video that you saw, there are also a few interface changes, which should not go unnoticed.

In YouTube has a great feature that displays the flags in the upper left corner of the video that you viewed. There are a couple of screens where these flags are purposely not shown, but they can be found almost anywhere.

Ironically, it was the one place where they are to be seen on the Subscriptions tab. The latest version finally brings in the subscriptions tab coveted mark of videos viewed.

Update small, but still a pleasant change has been made in almost all tabs when scrolling. Now after changing the orientation of the scroll retains its position. Before rotation returns the user to the top of the list.

If you are more interested in visual changes, the update has been changed the color of the buttons Menu, Search, and Google Cast. Now they are white in color tone of the title and the text of the selected tab.

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