YouTube will receive support for HDR-Video

YouTube join Netflix and Amazon with support for HDR-video, what was announced this week as part of the CES 2016.

YouTube will receive support for HDR-Video

On the news briefly mentioned while talking about the 360-degree video, taking place between Robert Kienzl, YouTube director of development of business, the GoPro CEO, Nick Woodman, and CEO VRSE, Chris Milk.

At the news of the partnership between GoPro and YouTube focusing on bringing 360-degree content to YouTube, Kienzl also mentioned in passing that YouTube will soon get support for HDR-Video.

HDR The idea is to improve the video quality by expanding the contrast and color palettes that offer a more realistic and natural images.

Also HDR advantage is the ability to display more saturated colors and better contrast between bright areas and dark areas in the image.

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