Z Launcher in Russian

Welcome to official Russian Community applications ZLauncher.


Shell ZLauncher from the company Nokia an innovation and designed for devices (smartphones, tablets and notebooks) based operating system Android. The interface is quite simple and has nothing superfluous, always have access to the requiredThose who have seen Z Launcher at work, may have noticed a feature: information submitted on the screen varies depending on location, time of day, weather, changes in the call log and other factors.  The user can configure a set of labels for any time of day.
Before us is in some sense artificial shell intellect. The main highlight of the shell – a feature Scribble . Ie launching applications for your smartphone gestures on the screen.

Z Launcher in Russian

Consider a simple example: Draw on the screen of the letter F, screen applications vyzavayutsya Fitbit, Facebook, FlipBoard Sorted by frequency of use. Z Launcher tracks your actions and can automatically compile a list of programs to  certain times of day, depending on the your habits.  We tested the Z-launcher on different smartphones and tablets, from simple phones to Samsung clever and high-end flagship LG G3 and HTC M8, virtually anywhere work program was flawless, but there is more that to refine and improve, add new language location.

The motto of the program – more action less manipulation.

Z Launcher in Russian

Release beta version of the shell Z Lanucher held in June 2014. For now we presented the latest version launcher as APK file, supported by work practically all devices running Android.

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  1. Started on the Xperia Z1 in normal flight.

  2. Why Nokia released? Microsoft bought their own as far as I remember

  3. Put on rouchovany LG G2 , I had to dance with a tambourine , to remove root , put Z Launcher, make root rights back

  4. Good cover , but not for me , minimalism is not respected , was removed.

  5. Betka stands on the tablet until glad convenience.

  6. Again mock the poor Android 😀

  7. Something official website in English which closed the jump for testers took you.

  8. Control gestures funny , of course it did not improve.

  9. Started on the Xperia Z1 in normal flight.

  10. Flexible shell with the ability to customize to the needs of every

  11. Do not pin me like that.

  12. On galaxy s3 found went well

  13. I wonder why the Z and not N (nokia)  Launcher?

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