Zopo Speed ​​8 appeared in AnTuTu

This week at the World Mobile Congress launched a Chinese manufacturer of Zopo Speed ​​8 – the first smartphone that is equipped desyatiyadernym chip MediaTek Helio X20. And today, the results of benchmark Speed ​​8 was spotted in AnTuTu data base.

Zopo Speed ​​8 appeared in AnTuTu

According to the results, Speed ​​8 was able to score 76266 points, which is generally acceptable, but compared to the six-core Snapdragon processor 650, it is a terrible result, since the 650 was able to get a higher score in 78,979.

But when Helio X20 was previously tested, he was able to get an estimate in the 85632, and given the fact that the smartphone has a 4 GB RAM and a display of 1920×1080 pixels, the reason for the poor results may be poor optimization Speed ​​8, which, apparently, the company I hurry to release.

This means that the maximum throughput of the processor desyatiyadernogo Helio X20 has not yet been identified. We’ll have to wait until the smartphone manufacturers, software developers, and even synthetic test will work on optimization.

This will help to make full use of new processor features to find out how how well it really works.

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