ZTE posted a teaser presentation

At the MWC will be attending a lot of producers, and some of them will be representatives from China. It looks like one of them, namely ZTE will not come to the event empty-handed. The new official teaser from ZTE is clearly hinting at the announcement of the new device.

ZTE posted a teaser presentation

In 2015 I saw the light at MWC ZTE Grand S3, 2013 – ZTE Grand Memo, and the year before that – as much as 8 smartphones. ZTE has already officially announced the presentation that will be held on February 21, which is quite strange, given that in the same day, will be unveiled Galaxy S7 and LG G5.

Nevertheless, the company ZTE, seems to have at least a couple of interesting machines in the development, in particular the ZTE Nubia Z11 and X8. And although the announcement of the Z11 is still too early presentation X8 is definitely possible.

According to rumors, the device will be a great PHABLET a 6.44-inch display. Work smartphone will be based on the powerful Snapdragon processor 820 with a battery of 4500 mAh.

Unfortunately, the teaser does not reveal any information and merely shows the silhouette of a smartphone, so it could be anything, from Nubia to Axon. Also, there is always the possibility of announcement of the international version of an existing smartphone, but we hope this will not happen.

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