ZUK Z1 appeared in AnTuTu benchmark

Just recently ZUK introduced its first smartphone on the market, ZUK Z1. The smartphone comes with impressive specifications and a beautiful design that makes it a great competitor to the smartphone OnePlus 2.

However, there is one thing that can jeopardize the competitor’s title «killer champions». The fact that last year’s Z1 comes with a processor from Qualcomm – Snapdragon 801. The network got a smartphone test results in the AnTuTu benchmark, and now we have some idea about the performance of the device.

The company claims that the smartphone easily gaining 46,000 in popular synthetic benchmarks. This is a good result, and given that the 801-th does not suffer from overheating, as the 810th, and the use of proven chipset time can be a good way.

ZUK Z1 appeared in AnTuTu benchmark

In addition, using the equipment of the smartphone chip last year, the company managed to reduce the retail price of up to $ 285.

It seems, ZUK Z1, although it does not set records, but does not suffer from a lack of power, but now, when the device is officially presented, many must be wondering about the performance of the device in real life.

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