ZUK Z2 will be released next year

Since ZUK Z1 as the flagship proved so popular, many users are wondering whether they will see the second generation version of the device, ZUK Z2, in the near future.

ZUK Z2 will be released next year

Another common question in the minds of the owners ZUK, is the date when the update will be available ZUK Z1 to Android 6.0. A few hours ago, CEO ZUK answer to both these questions.

First of all, the CEO confirmed that the flagship ZUK Z2 will be announced only next year. So everyone who wants to see the device from ZUK with 820 Snapdragon processor before the end of 2015, will be disappointed. But this does not come as a surprise, given that if Z2 is really equip Snapdragon 820, this can only happen by next year. Unfortunately, the CEO was unable to give the exact timing of the launch in 2016. But we expect the announcement of the first quarter of 2016.

Second, the general director also revealed some details about the new version of ZUI target Android 6.0 base. According to him, work on the new OS is going well and will soon enter the stage of closed beta testing.

The new OS version includes many aspects, such as changing the source code, the addition of specific functions, and compatibility testing. But if all goes well, users can get a new one based on the ZUI 6.0 at the end of December.

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